Paintings: What's this?

"What's this?"
8 x 6"
Watercolor on watercolor paper
~ Prints are available here ~

One of my old art professors recently notified me of an art competition specializing in animals. Unfortunately, the contest has strict size requirements (entries can be no larger than 12 x 12"), thereby knocking several of my existing pieces out of the running by a mere two inches. My next few paintings will thus be dedicated to animals, the best of which will be sent in to the contest. I'll also be using the images to complete my two animal-themed 2011 calendars, which will be available at the end of August.

As for this fellow, while I know that the lions by Mt. Kilimanjaro likely see snow from time to time, I imagine it's quite the phenomenon for others!

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Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon