Paintings: The Rainbow Bridge

"The Rainbow Bridge"
14 x 11"
Acrylic on canvas

None go alone.

This idea is owed to two events combining in thought. A good friend and I were hiking through the local cemetery, and one of the many robed statues brought to mind the figure of death. This lead to a discussion about how we each pictured death and the afterlife. (I promise it was a beautiful morning and a lovely, thoughtful conversation!) My friend mentioned that they liked the idea of death, patient and kind, waiting to guide souls to the other side so that they wouldn't have to travel alone.

Our conversation brought to mind an event from a month or so ago. My husband, who is one of the cemetery's groundskeepers, came across a dead fox kit. There were no wounds and no obvious cause of death that he could see. The kit had died at most the night before, as nature and her helpers/scavengers had not yet arrived. My husband, being my husband, moved the kit from open ground to tree cover so it wouldn't be disturbed. There, he buried the body as best he could and tried to go about his day. There are times when one or both of us will get quiet and sad, thinking of the kit and wondering what happened. I certainly hope the kit had a guide, patient and kind.

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Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon