Paintings: Pray Standing II

"Pray Standing II"
11 x 14"
Acrylic on Canvas
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Look within before looking without.

Some paintings are just special. No sooner was the first "Pray Standing" sold and sent than I found I missed it dearly. It went to a wonderful person, so I can hardly regret letting it go, but... yes, "Pray Standing" was one of those. The second version is more meditative than the impassioned first one, but it will fill her place on the wall nicely... until it goes to keep the first company, which it now has. I am delighted that the two paintings finally get to hang together, and in such a deserving and loving home.

Thanks are owed to my pirate for suggesting such a fantastic title for the first piece, for it was the title that completed it and that made a future series possible.

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