Paintings: Pray Standing III

"Pray Standing III"
11 x 14"
Acrylic on Canvas

Look within before looking without.

Some paintings are just special. No sooner was the first "Pray Standing" sold and sent than I found I missed it dearly. It went to a wonderful person, so I can hardly regret letting it go, but... yes, "Pray Standing" was one of those. The second version went to the same person, and I'm delighted that the paintings are together. That said, years on, I thought it was worth revisiting the concept with a male model. My husband and I had a friendly debate about how a man would stand in such a situation, and he was adamant that the posture should be defiant and firm. I was equally positive that some vulnerability should be evident--hence showing more of the figure to reveal that he, like the first two paintings, is bare before the light.

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