Arden Ellen Nixon: Paintings--Portraits

"Rasputin is to blame," I say when asked what inspired my black and white portrait series. One day, during my morning walk, my mind's eye was overcome with the image of Rasputin's face emerging from the dark--I couldn't get home to paint fast enough. Next came Vlad, then my love of Egypt, then my favorite authors....

When one researches and/or reads someone's work long enough, it is all too easy to feel that one knows the unknowable dead. Photographs, paintings, and sculptures only add to that illusion. My art gifts me the opportunity to give that fallacy a literal face and to excuse indulging in my often colliding passions for literature and history.

To see or learn more about a painting, just click on the image provided. Please e-mail me concerning any artwork that you are interested in, barring "Not For Sale" pieces. I, too, have my favorites!

Make-Shift Angels
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