Paintings: WaterCOLOR Nouveau

"WaterCOLOR Nouveau"
9 x 12"
Acrylic on Masonite
For Sale ~ Contact me if interested!


This year's studio theme has been "Make Do & Mend"--that is to say, using what I have as much as possible before buying new materials. As it turns out, I had quite a bit stored away in odd places, including a few Masonite boards. This is (happily) the last of them. Having enjoyed the warm color scheme of my "Autumn King," I decided use it again, only this time with pops of blue. Octopuses lend themselves to Art Nouveau--all those legs!--and I had a wonderful time just letting the design flow as much as the surface would allow. Masonite turns acrylic into stiff stuff, so it was as much an exercise in patience as it was in using up materials. Canvas will feel like silk, itself, after this, but I'm still glad for the challenge and of course for another cephalopod!

All artwork and graphics are property of the artist and are not to be reproduced without permission.

Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon