Paintings: Patience

17 x 14"
Watercolor on watercolor paper
For Sale ~ Contact me if interested!
~ Prints are available here ~

"Patience" earned her name in a rather unnerving fashion. When I lived in the Midwest, we had a series of fires that caused an emergency evacuation of our town of 6,000. I was in a drop-out panic because I had a house full of art, and there's only so much room in the car after you've packed two people, three dogs, and two suitcases. As a last minute thought, I grabbed my watercolors (more portable than my beloved acrylics) and the painting I was working on, which happened to be "Patience." Fade to Mom and I in a hotel, listening to the radio to hear how our houses were doing, while I painted to keep myself calm. Thankfully, the fire was stopped just short of campus and only three houses were lost, none of which was ours. As for "Patience"... as I said, she earned her name.

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Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon