Paintings: No Room For Angels

"No Room For Angels"
12 x 12"
Acrylic on canvas
Commission / SOLD
Image and title © Jonathan A. Croce

When I painted my first "Make-Shift Angel" back in 2007, I didn't expect it to become a series, but time has proven otherwise. Indeed, they are my favorite paintings of my own and are quite often the most personal. The original paintings are never for sale for these very reasons, and the only reason I've not painted more is the sense of completeness of the series as it stands now. When the band No Room For Angels contacted me about doing the artwork for their first album, rather than raid the "Make-Shift Angel" series, I offered to paint them a dark angel of their own. This way everyone received a new angel they're happy with, and I had an excuse to let my dark muse stretch (or cut off, as the case may be) her wings. Indeed, I hope the band hits hard not only for their sake--fantastic people, all--but so I can do more paintings for them!

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