Paintings: Make-Shift Angel XXIII: Change

"Make-Shift Angel XXIII: Change"
9 x 12"
Acrylic on canvas
Not For Sale
Make-Shift Angel, the novel, is now available!

The time has come.

When I painted my first "Make-Shift Angel" back in 2007, I didn't expect it to become a series, but time has proven otherwise. Indeed, they are my favorite paintings of my own and are quite often the most personal. They are also where I push myself the most artistically with new poses, lighting, and settings. As I've always struggled with natural backdrops--i.e. "Happy Trees"--I thought I'd give them another go for "Change." I also wanted a warmer color scheme, as my palette gravitates toward cool colors more often than not.

One near constant throughout my work as a whole has been the familiar figure of Silvia Alessandrini . While I've thoroughly enjoyed painting more men thanks to B. Samani, I owe Silvie the most angels and not a few paintings outside them. She's been in close to twenty pieces overall, and I'm indebted to her inspired modeling. It seemed only right to dedicate one more angel to her. Only one more....

This is the next-to-last painting in the second series of Make-Shift Angels, and I feel it keenly. It was a personal challenge to paint twelve of them in a year vs. the seven years of the first series, and "Change" is as much of a transition piece for the artist as it is for the angel. I've a series to let go; she has her wings.

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Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon