Paintings: Tranquility

8 x 10"
Acrylic on canvas

Nothing needs said with a moment such as this.

This painting is a sequel to "Wish Me Free" (pictured below), which was commissioned by a friend for his wife's anniversary gift. I was given largely free reign, aside from the following hints: she loves my lion paintings, green is her favorite color, and she is partial to wishing wells. From that came the thought of a lion statue guarding a secluded well, only that's no statue, as the little raven has discovered. I had to stop mid-painting to write the full tale, a copy of which accompanied "Wish Me Free" to its new home. Though short, the story has a happy ending, as seen here.

"Wish Me Free"
14 x 11"
Acrylic on canvas
Commission / SOLD

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Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon