Paintings: Going Home

"Going Home"
12 x 9"
Acrylic on canvas
For Sale, Maybe? ~ Contact me before I change my mind!

This painting is in honor of Keanu W. Fox, my favorite fox at the local cemetery where I hike. I've been thinking of Keanu off and on lately despite not seeing him for a few years now. By my calculations, he would have been 6-7, which is old for a wild fox even in such a sheltered environment. Time being what it is, chances are he has gone on his forever way.

Keanu was uniquely blase about humans he was used to--hence his easy-going name--and came within touching distance several times. I never broke that barrier out of respect for him and his trust, which I treasured; I never wrote of our closest encounters for fear of him being hurt, intentionally or otherwise, by the curious.

Young foxes Keanu II and III are likely his offspring--they bear his unique tail mark--and keep to the same territory within the cemetery. They are somewhat curious about humans but wary enough to keep a healthy distance, unlike their father and/or grandfather. I still omitted the hereditary tail mark from my painting, just in case.

Thank you, Keanu, for so many years of magic. Whoa, indeed, my friend.

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Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon