Arden Ellen Nixon: Commissions

Commissions are always decided on a case-by-case basis. If the suggested subject doesn't "talk" to me and/or I can't be sure of enough time to do it justice, I will respectfully decline. I'd rather pass on a project than risk not delivering my best to a client. That said, I love playing a part in other people's passion projects and special moments! If I think a commission is a good fit, both stylistically and schedule-wise, it will get my all. Neither you or I know the answer until you ask, so please feel free to e-mail me!

Commissions can be as small as 5 x 7" or as large as possible given the medium and how far (if at all) a painting has to be shipped. Payments are welcome if one lump sum isn't possible; I will begin work once the piece is paid for in full. The final price--which is a private matter between the buyer and myself--is determined by the nature and size of the commission in question. I will retain a photo of the piece for my portfolio, but will only offer prints of it with permission, as I understand about personal subjects.

Rough Pricing

5 x 7" = $250 & up
8 x 10" = $550 & up
9 x 12" = $675 & up
11 x 14" = $900 & up
12 x 16" = $1,100 & up
16 x 20" = $1350 & up
18 x 24" = $1750 & up

*Please note that these prices do not include framing. Framing is available upon request for a slight price increase as determined by the cost of materials.

**The prices quoted assume that you are interested in the work for display only. If you have additional intentions for a piece, they need to be agreed upon via a written contract and financially compensated before I will begin work.

Terms of Service

All artwork remains the intellectual property of the artist and is not to be used, reproduced, or altered without express written permission. I do not do anonymous concept art, and I do not do work without a written contract. Purchasing an original does not include any rights to the use of the image in question. If it appears on personal profile pages, it must have the proper watermarks and provide written credit/links back to the artist.

All correspondence regarding commissions is done via e-mail so that there is a time-stamped written record for both parties. Written descriptions are best for me when visualizing a piece, and I in turn want clients able to review my thought process to make certain we are on the same proverbial page.

Shipping and handling charges are determined by destination, including insurance and tracking unless otherwise arranged. I am not responsible for damage to pieces shipped internationally. Any piece damaged during domestic transit may be returned to me for repairs (if possible) provided the shipping is paid for both ways. Art is not shipped until paid for in full, and I accept PayPal (preferred), money orders, or checks to the amount only. Transactions involving bank account numbers or cashier's checks are not accepted owing to past fraud attempts.

Selected Examples

Artist Guest of Honor T-shirt Artwork

All artwork and graphics are property of the artist and are not to be reproduced without permission.

Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon