Paintings: Dodo

5 x 7"
Acrylic on canvas board
Commission / SOLD

He may be rude, but you can't say he's not justified in being so!

This is the seventh of the new illustrations/face cards for my "Alice in Wonderland" card deck. Dodos are sadly fascinating. They’ve only been extinct since the 1600s, but we know more about most dinosaurs than we do a creature from our recent past—and in many cases, have more physical remains. A head here, a foot there, a few cobbled-together skeletons, and skeletons of two complete individuals have for years been all there is to work with. Most “stuffed” dodos are artist recreations based on period paintings, and it’s incredible how varied they are. Oxford still has a mummified head and foot, but even these leave plenty room for artistic license.

All artwork and graphics are property of the artist and are not to be reproduced without permission.

Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon