Arden Ellen Nixon: Books

My novels are something of an open secret. While many know that I write, I am known for my art--a painting is easier to share than a book, after all! It's a discrepancy I'm out to rectify, as I am at my happiest when the two halves of my muse work together.

All of my books are available digitally for 99 cents each! Just click on the cover to access reviews and purchase options. (No worries if you haven't a Kindle--there's a free app for that on each book's page.) If you're looking for an illustrator, feel free to e-mail me to discuss your project!


A love/hate triangle, feuding crime families, gay assassin dogs, and one mad artist: It's all just another day for a half-tailed squirrel on the run. Scruffy's is no ordinary tale, and his is no ordinary song. Will he succeed in his attempts to reconcile his past with his present and to embrace the absurdity of it all? Only one thing is for sure: When in doubt or danger, grab your nuts and run.

Retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be for professional assassin dogs Herr Midonovich and Sparky Macgree. Indeed, when the pair find themselves the subjects of a high-stakes setup, they are delighted to be back on the hunt! In this standalone sequel to Squirrels! The Musical, Midonovich and Sparky sing their way through hard-boiled plot twists and turns far seedier than any children's story. Will the dogs be able to save their supposed target, clear their good names, and celebrate their anniversary in time?!

We needed a hero. Along came... Scrappy. Scrappy never gives up, never surrenders, and never lets the apocalypse get her down. A chicken of few words, her actions speak volumes and are a testament to her unbreakable spirit. Let her inspire you, or not--Scrappy doesn't give a cluck.

Dark Fantasy

Rand may be celestial, but he has many reasons to like the Earth: Vodka, winter, death metal music, his best friend Chris. When his wings are brutally cut from him, Rand looks to Chris and a new angel to solve the riddle of why, to say nothing of the riddle of himself. The answer lies in the past, in love, in the rotting wings he continuously resews to his back. A make-shift angel, he seeks beauty in darkness and a story for his scars.

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