Arden Ellen Nixon: About the Artist

Arden Ellen Nixon’s art reflects her love of literature, history, and mythology, to say nothing of her sense of humor and ongoing obsession with Alice in Wonderland. Be the subject sacred animals or Isis, Cheshire cats or winged watchers of our world: if she hasn't painted it yet, it’s only for lack of time. Her current projects include calendars, illustrations for her own short stories and novels, a series of historical portraits, and her signature "Make-Shift Angel" series.

Arden resides with her husband and their pride of felines, all of them surrounded by books, paintings, and non-existent wall space.

Arden in Action: The Painting of "Harbinger"

Make-Shift Angels
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All artwork and graphics are property of the artist and are not to be reproduced without permission.

Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon