Paintings: Akhenaten

10 x 20"
Acrylic on Canvas board
Temporarily NFS--Reserved for Summer/Fall Shows
~ Prints are available here ~

For the record, some of the brighter whites were lost to scanning. I had to scan Akhenaten in pieces, and he wouldn't flatten completely against the scan bed.

All hail the Heretic King.

Akhenaten's odd physiognomy is arguably as legendary as his attempted monotheism. His portrayals range from the extreme distortion seen early in his reign to a more refined, if still unusual, face in his later years. His high cheekbones, sensual mouth, heavy-lidded eyes, and prominent chin remain constants throughout, so I chose a bust of him from approximately his twelfth regnal year (he reigned for seventeen) as a reference. The blue crown seems to have been his favorite, at least in art from the period; this one lacks the inlaid gold rings that one sometimes sees, as the crown is alternately shown with and without. Like Nefertiti's tall crown, the blue crown was likely made of leather, a texture I duplicated with finger-painting. Akhenaten's yellow oxide eyes have a slight green tint thanks to the Payne's gray underneath. I've often thought that, whatever his looks and personality, Akhenaten must have had an arresting gaze.

Akhenaten's Great Royal Wife, Nefertiti:

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Artwork and text © Arden Ellen Nixon